Upcoming Events

Jarrett Burns Farewell Fundraiser


This is a wonderful opportunity to hear Jarrett's music one last time before he moves to Germany.
Sunday, April 14
6:00 - 7:30pm (Doors open at 5:30)
Admission $20
Cabaret-Style Seating. Refreshments Served. 

Proceeds benefit both 

Jarrett's move to Germany and our CSL music program.

Jarrett Burns is a singer-songsmith-producer for the Aquarian age. He is one part sonic shaman, one part philosopher, and two parts hair-raising pop crooner and charismatic entertainer, all coming together to create a truly one of kind recording artist.

Embracing music as a healing technology, Jarrett is setting out to create a sonic revolution through his fringe approach to frequency, vibration, and the world of pop as we know it. The result is something that can only be felt and heard to be understood but goosebumps are often the mark of his brilliance. As an up and coming producer seeking to coin and further define the genre "meta-pop", all of Jarrett's songs and cutting edge production come fully equipped with what his fans have come to call 'sonic wisdom bombs'. 

Ever the free spirit, Jarrett's brand of independent, alien-souled, 'meta-pop' does not shy away from exploring complex themes ranging from exploring the fluidity of human sexuality and healing from abuse to seeking to understand the nature of the divine and its presence here on Earth, and opening up to the spiritual reality of consciousness after death. In a time where so much is shifting in human culture, Jarrett is poised to play a beautiful role in the rising awareness that music can be used beyond the function of entertainment and be skillfully employed as potent tech with the potential to harmonize and heal human discord and suffering.

Please join us for this evening of truly soulful music.

Spiritual Advance & Annual Meeting


Save the Date!! May 17-19

The Spiritual Advance includes our Annual Meeting along with some very special activities to nourish and enliven our community.

Connections Card Game


March 31, 12:30 - 2:30

Suggested Donation: $10

Everyone is Invited!

This game was developed by Sue Gardner. The goal of the game is sustained peacefulness in the body as various situations described on the cards are presented and discussed by the group.

This conversational game offers the opportunity to empower yourself and others in sustaining a calm peacefulness in the body regardless of the situation described on cards. Orientation to the game is the first activity as players read together the guidelines. Once the guidelines have been discussed and players are ready, a card is drawn and read as players notice and share their responses to the situation described on the card. Responses might include body energy, associated viewpoints, and life experiences.  Discussion during the game often leads to new player insights, awareness, and peacefulness with situations by way of authentic participation. 

Ongoing Activities

Wizards and Crones


The Wizards and Crones  meet on the second Tuesday of each month, 12:30 -2:30 pm, upstairs at Center for Spiritual Living. 

On April 9, we will be talking about different communication styles and how to understand each other better.  

A light lunch is provided. Suggested donation $5 per person.

Join us as we play together, eat together, and share love with each other.