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The "Dream Walk" Album Release with Emily Potter

A ceremonial musical event to commit deeper into your soul's purpose

Folk acoustic musician, Emily Potter, was suffocating from her day job. She had to know if her soul's purpose was more powerful than her bills.

She learned about a gift economy model, and committed to embrace it fully by opening her heart to her global family. On April 17, 2015 she quit her job, petrified that she wasn't going to survive. Four years later, Emily has extensively performed the donation-based Dream Walk Ceremony for her global family in 14 countries including North America, Thailand, Israel, and all across Western and Eastern Europe. She believes she was met with generosity and open doors everywhere because she was daily choosing to trust her heart, and vulnerably open herself to humanity.

Now passionate to empower other dreamers to live their life dreams, her performance takes her audiences on a "dream walk", providing her original music and storytelling from worldwide adventures as the soundtrack of the evening. One audience member said after Emily's performance,

“No one has ever been so kind to my dreams, not even me."- Irina, Bucharest, Romania

Emily Potter embraces the title, the "gift economy musician", publicly taking a stand that money is a free-flowing resource available to support us in why we are here on the planet.

In addition to her work as a full-time musician, she is also the full-time director of the Lightworker Musicians Tribe and founder of the Million Kisses Foundation. Emily gets most enthused talking about her current work as a personal mentor for lightworker musicians. Her work allows her to empower musicians in claiming themselves as spiritual leaders, offering their music-medicine to the world in order to be their full contribution to the whole of humanity.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, Emily is choosing to release her new album in her hometown! During this musical evening at the Center for Spiritual Living, Emily will take her audience through the Dream Walk by singing the songs from her new album. She will be accompanied on stage by talented local musicians.

Enjoy Emily Potter and her original Dream Walk as a dedicated musical ceremony. This evening will be an invitation to more deeply commit to live your life dreams with courage.


COST: This is a donation-based event. Audiences are encouraged to give a gift of the heart, monetarily or otherwise. All monetary gifts will be split between Emily and the Center for Spiritual Living. As a thank you, Emily is gifting each audience member with a link to download her new Dream Walk album! (Available starting in August)

TIME: Please arrive and be seated by 5:45 p.m.

CHILDREN: Children are the best dreamers of all and are most welcome. There will be a children's room available with a monitor to watch the performance.

CONTACT: To contact Emily: lightworkermusicianstribe@gmail.com. To contact the Center for Spiritual Living: www.spirituallyfree.org

The "Dream Walk" Album 2019

Folk/Blues/Jazz Music

  1. Let Me
  2. The Call
  3. Here’s to Love
  4. We are Here
  5. Time to Cry
  6. Ocean
  7. Believe in the Dream
  8. A Cat Named Georgia
  9. Vow
  10. My Emily
  11. I Promise Sunsets

Album Credits

Big City Recording Studios, CA www.bigcityrecording.com

Paul Tavenner, sound engineer, percussion

Nadia Gold, vocals

Jon Keenan, bass

Matt Politano, piano

Andrea Hammond, violin

Photo Credits

Mark Jeffery and Bill Funk



To whom this album is dedicated. You believed in me in my beginning years.

Adam Blackburn

Adam Gottlieb

Adrianne Turner

Aimee Latta

Al Allen

Alan Naumann

Alin Mustata

Andy Kennedy

Angie Andrews

Annelies Hofmeyr

Anthony Baron Kirk

Anthony Harper

Arjenna Strong

Asheeliyah Insha

Austin Vryhof

Becky Goldsmith

Ben Banham

Bill Funk

Bren Robinson

Brent and Lenis Allen

Caley Steele

Cali Cutler

Cami Scott

Carlene Williams

Center for Spiritual Living Salt Lake

Carolyn LeDuc

Cathy Ackerson

Chantal Porter

Cherie Ann Day

Christopher DeSantis

Colleen Laukka

D'Arcy Benincosa

Daniel Sabin

David Ray

David Southerland

David Williford

Derrick Gibson

Diana Fawn

Edward Hernandez

Elizabeth Foley

Elm Valle

Emily Whitby

Eve Napierski

Ferrin Lunestad

Gina Anderson

Greg Ashby

Haley Scott

Heidi Howard

Ioana Lazar

Irina Latis

James Norton

Jamison Bridewell

Jaquelin Gertino

Jared Sharry Buhanan-Decker

Jason Richardson

Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Potter and Family

Jeremy Moyer

Jesse Dow

Joshua Sincerbeaux

Joy Harper

Julie Behling-Hovdal

Kaarina Pixton and Family

Karey Williams

Kat Jones

Kathleen McCann-Welch

Katie Altmann

Kerri Tucker

Kim Sieber

Kimber Dixon

Kimberly Mcbride

Kirk Grey

Kori Lichfield Broadhurst

Kristin Jensen

Lawrence Mohammed

Lessons of Liberty

Linda Gregersen

Lindi Schooley

Lisa Knapp

Lisa Poggemiller

Lorrie Krueger

Louise Knapp

Lumina and Rene Cordova

Mackenzie Scott

MacNichol Guitars

Marcela Cubas

Margarit Brigham

Marian Wilson

Melissa Hendricks

Michael Potter and Family

Michael Williams

Kathy Bradshaw

Nadia Gold

Nick Ockenfels

Paula Breaux

Pollination Project

Predrag Michael Latkovich

Quinn Strenn

Rachel Singer

Rebecca Potter

Robert Fair

Ron Gebhart

Rossi Mel

Ruth Calabro

Shaun Knapp

Shelly Ullrich

Skye Ullrich

Stephany Alexander

Sue Hoffman Douros

Susan Manning-Brook

Susan Schroer

Susi Zeller

Suzanne Wagner

Svetlozara Kazandzhieva

Tamara Hofhines

Tim Williams

Tyler Lake

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Date And Time

Sun, September 8, 2019

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

Doors open at 5:30. 

Stay after and visit! 

Refreshments served.