SLCSL Education Program Vision and Mission

Vision: The SLCSL Education Team envisions a world grounded in peace and harmoniously working together.

Mission: The SLCSL Education Team provides safe and structured learning opportunities that apply spiritual practices, as taught in the Science of Mind, to           real-world examples. This includes:

  • skills and practices that develop personal mastery in areas such as personal accountability, emotional intelligence, authenticity, etc.;
  • Wisdom of the Ages, here and now;
  • expanding awareness, inside and out;
  • constantly updated, up-leveled and accessible experiential education;
  • a viable and flexible structure that evolves with change;
  • standards of excellence in all matters;
  • on-going self-evaluation opportunities;
  • programs that deliver value.

Looking for Certificated Classes?

New Member Orientation


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

(2)Tuesday: September 10 & 17, 2019

6:30 -8:30pm

Learn what Membership at Center for Spiritual Living Salt Lake means. Learn about the international and the local organization, The Science of Mind philosophy, how you might want to participate, and why you might want to become a part of this spiritual community.

The Trance of Abundance


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

September 18, 2019


$30 Suggested Love Offering

Instead of being In-Tranced into believing in Scarcity:

* Let go of the pressures of money forever.

* Change the rules of a game you can’t win.

* Create all the money you need, whenever you need it.

During this three-hour lively and fun, powerful and transformational session, you will find a different viewpoint and experience about the nature of true abundance. And, if you are willing, during this very short period of time, you will free yourself from all beliefs in scarcity and begin to walk in the Abundance of Life. Are you ready? Find out.

The Trance of Scarcity - Study Series


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

(4) Wednesdays, October 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019


$25/Session Suggested Love Offering

Instead of being In-Tranced into believing in scarcity, step back into “The Circle” and flow with the Abundance of the Universe. The Trance of Scarcity, by Victoria Castle will be our guide, and the book will be available at a discount.

Imagine you're walking in open country. You come upon a vast Circle in an expansive, fertile field. Streams and springs are flowing into this sunny area, providing the optimal environment for life to flourish. This is not a Circle made by human hands; rather, it's a zone where the energy of the universe flows without restriction. THIS is what the Circle looks like, and you can regularly embody The Circle and come from the reality of It. What you look FROM, is what you experience.




Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

August 12 - November 4  Ten (10) Mondays 6-9pm

Aug. 12, 19, 26, 

Sep. 9, 16, 23 

Oct. 7,  14, 21, 

Nov 4, 

Cost: $295 ($150 to audit, for those who have taken Foundations before.)

Pay by Text Keyword: foundations (see below for instructions*)

This CSL Certificated Course, sets a literal foundation for the basic teachings of the Science of Mind. It establishes the spiritual practices that assist in developing the life you really want and teaches the affirmative prayer technique Spiritual Mind Treatment. 

Foundations of Science of Mind is the first of the Certificated Science of Mind classes, and is a prerequisite to many of them. It teaches the foundational concepts of Science of Mind, at a level of depth that you won't get in Sunday sermons. 

Taking classes is the best way to make strong connections in the community. The certificated courses are for anyone seeking to deepen their personal spiritual practice and knowledge of metaphysical principles. They also lead up to practitioner studies. 

This will be the last chance to take Foundations with Rev. Donald while he is with us. Ask around and you will find that people talk about their Foundations class as the beginning of a transformational spiritual path. Many people have taken Foundations a second or third time, just for the opportunity to take it with Rev. Donald.

This class, which has reduced homework, compared to the 13 week class, will be followed by a two week class on writing Spiritual Mind Treatments. 

*To pay by text: send a text to (801) 921-6697 using the following format:

amount –space- keyword (all lower case)

Example: 295 foundations

(If it is your first time paying by text, you'll receive a return text giving you a link to where you can register with our text-to-pay system.)