SLCSL Education Program Vision and Mission

Vision: The SLCSL Education Team envisions a world grounded in peace and harmoniously working together.

Mission: The SLCSL Education Team provides safe and structured learning opportunities that apply spiritual practices, as taught in the Science of Mind, to           real-world examples. This includes:

  • skills and practices that develop personal mastery in areas such as personal accountability, emotional intelligence, authenticity, etc.;
  • Wisdom of the Ages, here and now;
  • expanding awareness, inside and out;
  • constantly updated, up-leveled and accessible experiential education;
  • a viable and flexible structure that evolves with change;
  • standards of excellence in all matters;
  • on-going self-evaluation opportunities;
  • programs that deliver value.

Spiritual Mind Treatment


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

(2) Mondays: November 18 & 25, 2019


Suggested Love Offering: $30/week or $45 for both

In this important two-session series, discover why Spiritual Mind Treatment is such a vitally important CSL spiritual practice and find out how to liberate yourself into the life you say you want. You will learn how to do this method of praying, or reinforce your current use of it, so that it works for you all of the time.

Whether you are an adept or a beginner in using Spiritual Mind Treatment, this two-session series will offer the techniques of affirmative prayer without religious over-tones or jargon. Discover how to use spiritual mind treatment as a tool to daily improve your relationships, health, happiness, prosperity and well-being. Liberate your life!

As Above, So Below


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

November 20, 6-9pm
$30 Suggested Love Offering

Most have heard “As Above So Below”, but in this three-dimensional realm, what we decide about what we think, what we feel and what we do, determines everything we think about who we are and what we can do. By attending to this world, we can build a better mental, emotional and physical life.

During this three-hour integrated experience, we will discuss applicable theories and engage in spiritual practices, that will help each participant realize a deeper understanding of their relationship with everything in their world and understand better how to operate more effectively in Life. It does not take much to shift into having the life we want, and the process of having that life can be easy and natural. 

When Did You Die


A Book Study with Sue Gardner

Facilitated by Sue Gardner
4 Sundays, February 2, 9, 16, & 23, 2020
12:30 - 2:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $10/session or $35 for all

Dr. Temple Hayes, author of this book, also wrote the Daily Guides for the August 2019 SOM Magazine.  Her book is a biography of the re-awakening to Spirit she experienced during her life. She shares how she felt a spiritual connection early in her life and noticed something amiss in her surroundings.  She continuously asked her mother if she had been adopted.

Hayes says in the Introduction, “We are not designed to grow old; we are created to grow up and out as beings of light.  Some would call this the lightness of being or taking yourself lightly.  Whether or not you believe in the Bible, when the Creator said, ‘Let there be light,’ the Creator was talking about you.  Even Jesus tells parable in which he reminds us not to hide our light.  We are that light, and, as long as we hide it, we are hiding from ourselves.  We are dying a little rather than thriving a lot.  As long as we stand in the way of our light rather than expressing as a sparkle, we are merely a shadow of who we could be.”

Notes from the back cover, “Little by little, without even knowing it, we chisel away at our whole selves.  Traumatic life experiences, an insatiable quest for perfection, a wounded self-esteem, the food we eat, even our constant connection with technology all lead to subtle deaths each day that prevent us from experiencing the miracle and magic that life has to offer.

I had almost become comfortable being a chicken even though deep down I always knew I was an eagle destined for an ‘eagle’s life.’  The eagle within me continued to call me to keep going” says Hayes to her millions of restless seekers who long for more.  When Did You Die? shifts the paradigm and lifts you to live beyond your greatest vision.”