2019 Annual Meeting Report

Additional Information

Last Sunday at our Annual Meeting, by a unanimous vote, the attending members voted to adopt the new Bylaws that had been proposed to the membership three weeks prior to the meeting. 

Members also voted to temporarily suspend the two sections of the Bylaws that established the election procedures and timing, and voted to have elections on July 21st following the service for the five positions on the Board of Trustees. 

The remaining members of the current Leadership Council (Bernie Jacobs, Drew Binkerd, Curt Condie and Linda Brewer) will remain in office to handle the business of the Center until the new board is in place. 

We give thanks to outgoing members, Rob Eckman and Sue Gardner for their years of service. 

In the coming weeks we will begin the process of creating our Ministry Council as we also work on nominations for the Board of Trustees.  

Stay tuned for more information about these exciting changes coming soon.

Your Leadership Council

Our Leadership Council

Bernie Jacobs, President


Curt Condie, Treasurer


Drew Binkerd, Vice President

Drew Binkerd

Linda Brewer, Communiations


Assistants to Leadership Council

Larry Schoeff, Assistant to Treasurer


JoAnne Jacobs, Recording Secretary


Chamaigne Sharette, Communications Assistant