Sunday Speakers

August 19: Sally Taggart

10:00 MEDITATION: Tharoll Hinckley

SUNDAY TALK:   Effectively Using Affirmations and Denials  

Affirmations and Denials are tools we can utilize to help us transform and change our consciousness.  This is particularly helpful when we understand that our individual consciousness BECOMES the effect and experience of our lives! 

August 26 - Rev. Myrna Hirst

10:00 MEDITATION: Audrey Gum

SUNDAY TALK: "Everything I needed to know about spiriitual living, I learned from my cat."

Stay for a "Stump the Minister" session starting at 12 noon. in the Sanctuary.

September 2: Rob Eckman

10:00 MEDITATION: Salina Baugh

SUNDAY TALK:The Fire of Feeling.

"Life is infinite energy coupled with limitless creative imagination. It is the invisible essence and substance of every visible form.... All human endeavor is an attempt to get back to first principles, to find such an inward wholeness that all sense of fear, doubt and uncertainty vanishes. ― Ernest Holmes

September 9: Rev. Myrna Hirst

10:00 MEDITATION: Tharoll Hinckley

SUNDAY TALK:The Garden of the Mind

The "seeds" have been planted for a new idea. We know the harvest will be great. All we need to do is pull the weeds.....

Sept. 16: Sally Taggart

10:00 MEDITATION: Farrel Zeeman

Sept. 23: Practitioner Sunday

10:00 MEDITATION: Diane Christensen

SUNDAY PRESENTATION: Celebrate with our Practitioners as they guide and support each of us, and the Center for Spiritual Living. 

Sunday Services

Meditation, 10:00 to 10:20 am in the Sanctuary

This brief meditation is provided by the Professional Practitioners at the Center, and provides a chance to center oneself, to be present for the remainder of the service. 

Sunday Service, 10:30 to 11:45 in the Sanctuary

Ministers and Guest Speakers support each of us in learning and living the life-changing principles of Science of Mind.

Youth Church, 10:30 to 11:45 in the Zion Room

Licensed and trained teachers help our young people learn and begin to use the Principles in their young lives.

Pray with a Practitioner

Find one of our Practitioners after service (they are wearing purple stoles). They are available for prayer after Sunday service