Sunday Service Times:

10:00 am Meditation Service

10:30 am Celebration Service

10:15 - 11:45 Youth Church

November - “Gratitude Is the Key”

Finding at least the tiniest spark of gratitude for each event, activity and experience makes the world go ‘round a whole lot more kindly.


November 24 – “The Light of Gratitude”

Hafiz wrote, “Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that – it lights the whole world.”

November 17: “Gratitude as Feedback”

Feeling grateful lets you know that you have received that which you previously desired. By paying attention to what you call “Gratitude,” you can recreate the physical experience of thankfulness at your command. This is a powerful state to recreate every moment of the day.

November 10: "There's Something About Gratitude"

Ernest Holmes wrote, “There is something in this attitude of thanksgiving that carries us beyond the field of doubt into one of perfect faith and acceptance, receptivity – realization.” Finding gratitude in each event, activity and experience makes everything better.

November 3: "Songs of Gratitude"

In this all-music service, we'll sing songs of gratitude for every area of our lives - Health, family, community, money, our beautiful world, and more. Music is a powerful way to generate a feeling of gratitude. Feeling gratitude helps us realize what we already have, and attracts into our experience even more abundance in all these areas of our lives. 

This video is part of a youtube playlist of several of the songs we did. If you set your youtube to "auto-play" it will play all of them. 

October 27: The Power of Yes

Sermon in Song By David Roth

October 20: Doing Your Time in the Desert

 A look at the time we spend wandering when seeking transformation or change. 

Rev. John Moreland

Music: Mindy Dillard

October 13: The Running Story

What story have you been telling about wealth up until now?

October 6: Stepping Into the Circle

Being able to find “The Still Point of Prosperity” anywhere or anytime makes all the difference in our ability to claim the abundance of Life.

September 29 – “Re-Entering the Flow"

Guest Speaker: Linda Brewer, RScP

By re-entering the circle of abundance, the circle of ease, all of the good in life becomes more available.

Listen to "Re-Entering the Flow" Meditation

Given by Linda Brewer, 9-29-19 with Lezlee Monroe on Piano

from the book, Trance of Scarcity, by Victoria Castle 

Download "Re-Entering the Flow" Meditation

Re-Entering the Flow Meditation (mp3)


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