Sunday Service Times:

10:00 am Meditation Service

10:30 am Celebration Service

10:15 - 11:45 Youth Church

October - "Prosperity"

Many have given themselves a bum rap, claiming that “Life is just the way it is: limited, and success is designed for the few.” This is simply not true. Life is filled with possibility, and plenty is available for everyone who chooses it and lets it in.

October 20: Doing Your Time in the Desert


 A look at the time we spend wandering when seeking transformation or change. 

October 27: The Power of Yes


(sermon in song) Experience the richness and depth of David’s lyrics, voice and music. It’ll be a love-fest!

October 13: The Running Story

What story have you been telling about wealth up until now?

October 6: Stepping Into the Circle

Being able to find “The Still Point of Prosperity” anywhere or anytime makes all the difference in our ability to claim the abundance of Life.

September 29 – “Re-Entering the Flow"

Guest Speaker: Linda Brewer, RScP

By re-entering the circle of abundance, the circle of ease, all of the good in life becomes more available.

Listen to "Re-Entering the Flow" Meditation

Given by Linda Brewer, 9-29-19 with Lezlee Monroe on Piano

from the book, Trance of Scarcity, by Victoria Castle 

Download "Re-Entering the Flow" Meditation

Re-Entering the Flow Meditation (mp3)


September 22 - "The Journey Is Here"

This moment and this place determines everything from here forward.

September 15 - "Your Life Begins With Your Next Step"

What is your next step? It’s the most important one.

September 8 - "Every Step is New"

When your inner view changes, outer experiences become new, along with every step along the way.

September 1 – Labor Day Weekend: Guest Speaker: Salina Baugh

Life experiences are driven by your point of view. What point of view are you looking from right now?

Music by Emily Potter

August 25 – “Living In Grace”

Living in Grace is knowing, feeling and experiencing all of the good of the Universe, all of the time. You can do this when you accept your connection in all of Life.

August 18, "Holy Desire"

The Science of Mind teaches that God’s will is that YOUR will be done. As One of God, this makes sense. Understanding desire from this point of view, opens the doors of heaven, and the flood of good comes into your life.

August 11, "Soaking In The One"

Let the feeling of connection soak in, like the Navajo “Female Rain”.

August 4, "Feel Connected"

Ernest Holmes said, “The perception of wholeness is the essence of all healing.” Perception, as he uses the term, means feeling the wholeness, feeling connected, in and as The One.

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