August 2019


Everyone already lives in The Infinite, as a part of The Divine, and therefore, in continual connection with It AND with the rest of life. No matter how you may have believed otherwise or tried to separate from the Divine or from the rest of humanity, you still remained as a part of It. It is in, around and as you, so relax and live as One of It.

August 18 – “Holy Desire”


The Science of Mind teaches that God’s will is that YOUR will be done. As One of God, this makes sense. Understanding desire from this point of view, opens the doors of heaven, and the flood of good comes into your life.

August 25 – “Living In Grace”


Living in Grace is knowing, feeling and experiencing all of the good of the Universe, all of the time. You can do this when you accept your connection in all of Life.

Past Sundays

August 11, "Soaking In The One"

Let the feeling of connection soak in, like the Navajo “Female Rain”.

August 4, "Feel Connected"

Ernest Holmes said, “The perception of wholeness is the essence of all healing.” Perception, as he uses the term, means feeling the wholeness, feeling connected, in and as The One.

July 28 - "Get On Your Way"

Since you now know what freedom really is, and that you are already free because you live in choice, it's time for you to get on your way.

July 21 - "Are You Really Free?"

Is there any area of life wherein you feel imprisoned, trapped or choiceless? Let go of the idea of “trapped” and choose again.

July 14 - "Letting Go of the Sure"

Bruce Lee wrote, “To express yourself in freedom, you must die to everything of yesterday. From the ‘old’, you derive security; from the ‘new’, you gain the flow.” To flow is to feel free.

Music by The Dennis Sisters, Mary Dennis Corser, and Nancy Dennis

July 7 - "What Is Freedom?"

Message by Rev. Donald Graves

Music by Otter Creek

So much is talked about around freedom, but what is it really?

June 30 – “Why Wait? Go Live It!”

Message by Rev. Donald Graves

Music by Will Baxter

After imagining your perfect life, why wait in bringing into your experience? Go forth! Create and prosper.

June 23 – "Thought-Watching"

Chamaigne tells her own story about learning to notice the "thought before the thought". She then leads a music-assisted meditation on using imagination as a tool for both intuition and creation, with an emphasis on finding the love we crave. 

Music: Chamaigne Sharette, the CSL Band, and Dallas Brown on Native American flute. 

June 16 - "What's Really Possible?"

Whatever you or I or we think is possible tends to come out of our previous beliefs. How can you or I or we expand our possibilities?

Message by Curt Condie

Guest Musician: Mindy Dillard

June 9 - "Imagineering"

After letting your imagination soar, the next step is to do some engineering to bring The Dream down to earth.

Message by Rev. Donald Graves

Guest Musician: Kopo Magic

June 2 - "Imagination Is Just the Beginning"

Message by Rev. Donald Graves

Music by Lezlee Monroe & Michael Johnson

After letting your imagination soar, the next step is to do some engineering to bring The Dream down to earth.

May 26 - "Thanks for the Memories"

Message by Rev. Linda Brewer

The stories we tell about the things that happen, make all the difference. 

Music by Sabrina Blackburn

May 19 - Special Extended Service

As part of our 2019 Spiritual Advance Conference Weekend, we had guest speakers Eugene Holden, RScP and Dr. Walter and Barbara Doern-Drew.  They spoke about our national organization and let us know the gifts they see in our community from an outside perspective. It was really a lovely, inspiring service. 

Music: Debut performance by our own CSL Salt Lake Choir! 

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