Video Recordings of Past Talks


February 10 -Rev. Donald Graves

 "Self Love: Loving Oneself" 

Special Music by Mindy Dillard

February 3 - Rev. Donald Graves

" Divine Love: Finding the Love Within"  

with Rev. Donald Graves and Special Music by Otter Creek 

Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. 

The broken world waits in darkness  for the light that is you.

~L.R Knost

January 27 - Rev. Donald Graves

 "How to Use It"

Music by Will Baxter

January 20 - Rev. Donald Graves

 "What It Does" - The Infinite finds It's way into the world "through the channel of our own minds."  

Music by Jarrett Burns

January 13 - Rev, Donald Graves

 The Way It Works

Music by Lauren Ketch

More Videos

 There are lots of videos availale from past Sunday talks. Simply visit SpiritualLivingSLCon YouTube.