The Power of Your Word



Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

Eight Mondays: May 20, 27, June 3, 10, July 1, 8, 15, 22. Eighth date TBD.


$245 ($125 audit for repeat students)


Prerequisite: “Foundations of The Science of Mind”

Required books by Ernest Holmes:

The Science of Mind, Living the Science of Mind,

Words That Heal Today, Can We Talk with God?

Deepen your understanding and practice of spiritual mind treatment and its use of the Creative Law.

This is an amazing class on the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment. Each week is a thoughtful approach to the deeper understandings of prayer: How does the nature of God and man create through prayer; the impact of creative law and beliefs; what to pray for; affirmative treatment, and the state of continuous prayer. Each week offers experiential exercises to make these ideas a reality for the student.

Edinburgh Lectures - Thomas Troward



Facilitated by 

Theresa Martin, RScP & 

Katie Hernandez, RScP

June 1 - July 27 (8 Saturdays, skipping July 7) 

10:00am - 1:00pm


This class is excellent for the serious student of New Thought. Based on the classic lecture series, The Edinburgh Lectures have inspired nearly every other early New Thought writer.

Judge Thomas Troward delivered these lectures in Scotland in 1904, and they have served as the touchstone for metaphysical thinking to this day. Troward’s mind is logical, brilliant, and extremely precise. 

Invent Yourself


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

Wednesday, June 5

6:00pm - 9:00pm

$30 Suggested Love Offering 

Rather than going through the process of RE-inventing yourself, what if you could start from “Ground Zero” and invent yourself FROM who you really are? This workshop gives you the chance to do so.

Using several different self-discovery techniques, get a handle on the Truth of you and begin to invent yourself FROM that Truth. Then, through simply living Life Itself, become more of that capital “T” Truth and attract the life you really want, instead of feeling stuck with something less.

Freedom Journey


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

Sunday, June 30 12:30 - 3:30pm

$30 Suggested Love Offering

Freedom is not just a concept; it's an experience, based on a point of view...and there are things you can do to guarantee that point of view and to have the experience that comes from it, all of the time. 

Identity Shifts


Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

Identity Shifts: What They Are and What You Can Do When You Have One

4 Wednesdays: July 3,10,17,24

6:00pm - 9:00pm  $80 Suggested Love Offering

Deeply understand how better to flow with the ups and downs of self-perception, relationships, work or career, and finally get clear on what you desire as your legacy. Working with several different practices and exercises, master your identity and claim a more joyful life through all of Life’s changes.

Identity changes happen all of the time, whether the shift is perceived as a change in one’s self-perception, up to and including what might be called an identity crisis. Learn how to be the master of all the revisions in your identity.




Facilitated by Rev. Donald Graves

August 12 - November 25  

Foundations of Science of Mind is the first of the Certificated Science of Mind classes, and is a prerequisite to many of them. It teaches the foundational concepts of Science of Mind, at a level of depth that you won't get in Sunday sermons. 

Taking classes is the best way to make strong connections in the community. The certificated courses are for anyone seeking to deepen their personal spiritual practice and knowledge of metaphysical principles. They also lead up to practitioner studies. 

This will be the last chance to take Foundations with Rev. Donald while he is with us. Ask around and you will find that people talk about their Foundations class as the beginning of a transformational spiritual path. Many people have taken Foundations a second or third time, just for the opportunity to take it with Rev. Donald.