Prayer is a thought, belief, and feeling in the one praying.

Our Practitioners

Linda Brewer


 Linda Brewer was ordained for a Counseling Ministry in 1975 in North Carolina. She founded the Kindred Center there in 1980 with a mission to create a supportive environment in which people together could transform their lives. She was a member of the Unity Church for 19 years before moving to Utah and joining the Center in 2002. She was licensed as a Practitioner in 2007. 

For the last 14 years, her full-time ministry was as a hospital or hospice Chaplain until she retired in January. She looks forward to what comes next, including her Practitioner work at the Center.

Salina Baugh


Salina Baugh first discovered the Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living in 2001 and jumped in with both feet, taking classes and volunteering. Both of these activities grounded her in the philosophy and built sustaining friendships. In 2007 Salina licensed as a Practitioner and has been of service to the Center in many capacities. 

Currently, Salina is focusing her attention on teaching classes and one-on-one spiritual coaching. Salina loves sharing her personal insights and why she believes the application of this philosophy is not only relevant today, but if applied daily will change lives. 

Diane Christensen

1978-Became interested in the untapped power of the mind. Spent 30 + years reading and dabbling in arena of metaphysics.

1990-Step foot into the Unity Community and fell in Love with the way my Heart expanded each time I attended. My soul was being consistently filled with Peace and connection to Source.

2008-Visited CSL and knew that I was ready to make a change and become a member.

2009 – My heart spoke up and directed me to Practitioner studies and I was on my path of Prac Training

2014-Official Licensed Practitioner

Currently part of the Meditation Team and love guiding others with different meditation techniques as a method of practicing the Presence.

I am also a Partner/Owner of Yoga Sunne. I enjoy teaching Yoga in recovery centers as well as public studios. I also love to travel and lead international retreats. 

I am honored to share my Passion of Practicing Presence through connection of Mind, Body, & Soul. 

Jim Farris



As a young adult Jim Farris lived, worked and meditated for 18 years in a spiritual community. 

He and his family later moved to Utah where he became an active member of Unity Church in Park City.

In 2008 he joined Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living, where he enjoyed taking a series of classes to become a licensed Prayer Practitioner in 2014.

Currently he volunteers to visit hospice patients and is on the spiritual care team at Huntsman Cancer Hospital. 

Jim loves people and especially enjoys supporting what they truly want with the power of affirmative prayer! 

Audrey Gum Practitioner Emeritus

Practitioner Emeritu


Audrey Gum joined the Church of Religious Science in 1986. I took classes from Reverends Kathy Ann Lewis, Donald Graves, and Shirley Jones - under whom I became a licensed Practitioner 1991 and was awarded Emeritus status in 2011 for a total of 28 years’ service.

Other ministers I have served under in Salt Lake City are: Scott Aubrey, Bonnie Apps, Barbara Hayes, Marty Bacher, Barbara Leger, Lynne Heygster, and Myrna Hirst. I also had the privilege of serving 12 wonderful years in Las Vegas with Reverend Doug Fogelsong.

I have taught all the core classes with Science of Mind. Four of my students went on to become ministers and I mentored five Practitioners until their licensing.

During my time of service in the Salt Lake church, I created a Heart to Heart and Pet Ministry. 

It has been my privilege to serve and witness many healings during my years of service.

Katie Hernandez


 Katherine Hernandez (Katie) has been around this community since 1980. A friend told her to step away from organized religion and go to a place that taught Love and that’s exactly what she did. She’s been a member of Salt Lake Centers for Spiritual Living for 39 years and a Practitioner for 16 years. (Only 4 years from an Emeritus Practitioner!) 

She found that Love her friend was talking about. Now her joy is helping others find their truth and Love, when they have forgotten the truth of who they are and how powerful they are. As a Practitioner Katie reminds others of their truth.

Her love in life these days is answering online prayers for the Center, for those in need.

Theresa Martin


 Theresa Martin has been an active member of the Center for Spiritual Living Salt Lake for twenty years now. 

Her journey began in Ireland in the 1960's when a friend gave her a copy of Genevieve Behrend's book " Your Invisible Power: The Mental Science of Thomas Troward”. She was excited by its teachings and attracted people and events that commenced a journey ending in Salt Lake City. 

She serves our Community as a Licensed Professional Practitioner and has co-facilitated many classes given at the Center.

Anita Schoeff


Anita Schoeff first began exploring the Science of Mind teachings in 2002.  She and her husband had relocated from Chicago to Salt Lake City in 1991 to fulfill a long-time dream of living near the mountains.  

After several years of absence from any church, Anita was feeling the nudge to find a spiritual community again.  In the classified ads of a local news magazine, she found a church with the intriguing name (at that time) Religious Science.  By the end of that first Sunday service, she knew she had found her oasis in the desert, her new spiritual home.  

She began taking classes, drawn by the challenge, stimulation, and deep connection with others.  In fact, she loved the classes so much that she continued into practitioner studies and, to her own amazement, became a licensed practitioner in 2014.  

Anita is happily retired from a long career in nursing.  She enjoys reading, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, boating, and bargain shopping.  She and her husband of 50+ years now spend their summers in Midway, Utah and winters in Ivins, Utah.  They have 2 children, 4 cherished grandchildren, and one pampered pooch. 

Anita feels very privileged to serve as a practitioner for Centers for Spiritual Living in Salt Lake City and St. George.  She holds a deep appreciation of the Science of Mind teachings as a practical, logical, useful approach to creating a fulfilling life.  She loves the inclusive and expansive philosophy that views life as a journey of self-discovery — a grand adventure, for sure!

Topher Steele



Christopher Steele (Topher) was looking for a spiritual home as he was leaving a organized religious church. He started to explore other spiritual churches and was brought to The Center for Spiritual Living in California by a friend. He began to take classes and in 2009, he studied with 18 others to become a Licensed Practitioner.  He was licensed in 2012.  Topher has been part of the LGBTQ community since 1998, when he first came out to personal friends. He participates regularly and supports his  Brothers and Sisters in the LGBTQ community. In 2019 Topher started a company that encompasses the philosophy of Ernest Holmes and includes LGBTQ employees. He finds it a pleasure and an Honor to serve in The Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living. 

Farrel Zeeman


Farrel Zeeman had been retired for a year from his career as a teacher when he began attending CSL, Salt Lake  in September of 2010.  He began his studies of Ernest Holmes in January of 2011 when he took the Foundations class. As so often happens with students of Science of Mind, each class created a hunger for the next, until one day Farrel he found himself graduating and becoming licensed as a Science of Mind Practitioner. 

Wendy Condie


Wendy Condie has been an active member of the Salt Lake Center for Spiritual Living since being introduced to the philosophy and teaching of Science of Mind. She was fascinated with the powerful teaching and immediately signed up for her first Foundations class in 2004 under Rev. Donald Graves and Rev. Nicole Merges. 

Wendy recently graduated from the Online Practitioner Program in Encinitas, California under the beautiful direction of Rev. Dr. Christina Tillotson and Linda Watson, RScP Emeritus. 

Wendy is excited to share her enthusiasm about the beautiful philosophy and teachings of Ernest Holmes.

Our Practitioners love to pray with you.

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Licensed Spiritual Practitioners have a high spiritual consciousness and deep understanding of the spiritual nature of Life; a deep and personal relationship with the Divine is prominent.