Youth and Family Ministry

Pat Winegar

In the Salt Lake CSL Youth and Family Ministry we teach Science of Mind principles, enriching, empowering and inspiring the lives of children and youth in a safe and nurturing environment. 

Leave your children with us while you enjoy the Sunday Celebration Service. They will learn the powerful principles of the Science of Mind philosophy, and make friends with other like-minded youngsters. 

Right now our program serves ages 5-12. When we have additional programs available for other age ranges, those will be listed here. 

We'd love your help!

Want to have fun teaching our youth, but don't want to miss out on the Sunday Service? Our Youth Ministry volunteer program makes it easy to do both. Team members select just two or three Sundays out of each three month period to work with the Youth. (To help you make your decision, you can see upcoming topics, speakers, and guest musicians here.  A video of the sermon and a bit of music from our guest musician is posted here every Monday.)

You'll receive all the training and support you need to make this a rewarding experience! 

Contact Pat Winegar with any questions you may have. 

If you are interested in helping to start a toddler program, Pat would love to hear your ideas! 

Why Youth Church?

 Search Institute, an internationally renowned source of data on things that really matter, decided they wanted to discover what elements support a child in becoming a successful adult. What they discovered was pretty surprising and became a manual titled “Prescription for a Healthy Church”. 

What they found was that (surprise, surprise) “it takes a village”. They found that no matter the circumstance (poverty, location, etc.) that if the parents, grandparents, teachers and church organization work together to provide the needs and roles Search Institute determined necessary to develop qualities for success in adulthood, that’s exactly what occurred.

They also discovered that when this occurred it was also a prescription for a healthy church. A healthy, vibrant Youth and Family Ministry equals a healthy, vibrant church!