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Leadership Development Weekend with Jim Lockard


About Jim Lockard

Jim Lockard is an author, speaker, coach, and ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living. He has a BA in Criminal Justice, an MA in Public Administration, and an Honorary Doctorate in Religious Science. He has worked in law enforcement, and as a consultant for a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors. He is also an Edgewalker Coach, and a Certified Spiritual Intelligence Coach with Deep Change, a network of Leadership Development Consultants focusing on the development of specific skills related to the ability to act with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace (equanimity), regardless of the circumstances. 

Jim Lockard has been in ministry for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of experience and the viewpoint of a visionary to his work.

Books by Jim Lockard:

  • Creating the Beloved Community: a Handbook for Spiritual Leadership (Buy here.)
  • Sacred Thinking: Awakening to Your Inner Power (Buy here.)
  • Spiritual Guidance Across Religions: A Sourcebook for Spiritual Directors and Other Professionals (Contributing Author)
  • Spiral Dynamics: Integral in Action (soon to be published) 
  • Survival Thinking for Police and Corrections Officers 

Creating the Beloved Community Workshop

Register here for $149

Friday, January 24, 7-9pm

Light supper, meet-and-greet, opening presentation.

Saturday, January 25, 9am - 4pm  Workshop on Cultural Evolution, its effects on spiritual community, and how community leaders can best respond to these changes. Lunch included. 

Creating The Beloved Community is about the qualities, attitudes, and practices that are needed to manifest the kind of world envisioned by Howard Thurman and Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr., a world of peace and harmony. The focus is on how to support the larger concept of the Universal Beloved Community by creating The Beloved Community locally - as authentic local spiritual communities. This workshop is for those in spiritual leadership in any faith tradition who have a desire to create the kind of world that the great spiritual visionaries have described for us. Those interested in transcending the limited reality of focusing only on organizational survival so that a greater vision can unfold will find this workshop to be of great value. Creating The Beloved Community speaks of the leadership qualities needed to create such a community, including cultural evolutionary awareness, presencing, and psychological awareness of our own and others' development. The role of the mystical realms and the evolutionary nature of spiritual community are presented as necessary to fully engage taking The Beloved Community into the world. It is time for us to walk our talk and to bring the promise of harmony and peace to a world that cries out for them.

Edgewalkers Workshop

Register  here for $35 

Sunday, January 26, 12:30-3:30pmWorkshop on mastering our response to change. Learn about the actions, behaviors and skills that help individuals and organizations function on the leading edge. Light lunch included. 

Jim says: "My work is about helping people to master change. Judi Neal’s Edgewalker Model is an essential component in how I help others to understand the dynamics of change and how their personal proclivities and preferences impact their relationship to the changes within them and in the world around them. Change is, increasingly, an integral part of modern life. Some of us are naturally equipped to thrive in a changing environment, while others will struggle. The Edgewalker Model shows everyone how to understand their own process and enables them to learn to thrive in today’s fast-moving cultural, social, and technological arenas."

Buy Edgewalkers: People and Organizations That Take Risks, Build Bridges, and Break New Ground here.